Becoming a Community Shared Value

Speakers: Andreas Weissenborn, Vice President of Research and Advocacy, Destinations International.

Destinations International has called on each destination organization to consider their residents as their primary customers and to position, the organization in such a way as to become a public good, a priority, a community shared value in each of their communities. When we observe organizations that have built a solid base of support in their community, as well as those who are less effective, we can say that there is a specific set of core values that are either present or lacking. This session will delve into the key values of a community shared value or public good and show how, when considered together, they create a roadmap for organizations to follow. To allow us to effectively showcase our work and worth in illogical times. In addition, this marks the annual return of one of the most prominent tactics to use when talking about your work as a community shared value, Our Tourism Lexicon. This year, beyond expanding globally, we have added themes surrounding civic, equitable, and social goods to include when talking to our stakeholders. Join us for a detailed overview of what has changed and what is important to know for 2022 and beyond.


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Feb 07 2022


2:15 pm - 3:00 pm