Entrada’s Great American Road Trip

Moderators: Darren Dunn, Founder & President, Entrada Insights; David Bahlman, Global Head of Sales

Sponsor: Entrada Insights

So, you started a travel technology company in the middle of a global pandemic. Now what? Without a pandemic playbook, Entrada looked to the past to figure out how to move forward during very difficult times. “We needed to disrupt the disruption”. We were staring at a summer where every trade event was canceled and, in many cases, people were not able to work at their offices.

We asked the question: “How did the old-timers used to do things before air travel was convenient and trade events didn’t exist? The answer:  “Take the trade show to the people.”

“The Road Back Tour” was born

On June 16th they embarked on a 17-day 4,600-mile RV journey traveling from coast to coast meeting with over 40 destinations along the way. At times we set up the “booth” in people’s yards, empty parking lots, under bridges, at parks… you name it. It was the hardest journey we have ever taken but also the most rewarding. We also brought a film crew and drivers along to document the journey so we can share the highs and lows during our session.

The event is finished.


Oct 06 2020


11:00 am - 12:00 pm