Travel Technology Trends for the Next Normal

Speaker:  Pete Comeau, Managing Director, Phocuswright

Moderator:  Sheila Flanagan, Chair, Marketing Outlook Forum

Super apps, artificial intelligence, AR/VR, chatbots: these were some of the hot technology topics the Phocuswright analyst team was following as we transitioned into the 2020s. Then came the pandemic. As we transition into the next normal, we use changes in consumer behavior as context to map out which of these tech trends are likely to cool, which will accelerate and what new trends will emerge. This interactive session will help you understand how the most important technologies and trends will impact your business in the years to come.

We’ll cover:

  • How traveler behavior in the U.S. and Europe is changing, driven by concerns over health and safety
  • Emerging trends such as contactless, enhanced security and digital ID, and ways in which companies are leveraging them
  • What these trends mean for your business as you shape your technology and customer strategies for 2021 and beyond

The event is finished.


Oct 05 2020


3:00 pm - 3:45 pm